About Paul Brown

Paul Brown is a Christian, a husband, a father, a Texan, and a United States Marine Corps veteran who spent close to a decade in the national defense intelligence community. His parents, Christian missionaries, instilled in him the values such as obedience to God, hard work, personal responsibility, and liberty. Growing up in Dallas County he got his first job as a janitor while attending Duncanville High School at the age of 15. Within a year he saw an opportunity to acquire a lawn service, and used the money he had made as a janitor to do so. These were formative years, in which the values already instilled by his family were reinforced and put into practice.

Paul comes from a military family. In addition to ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War, his great-grandfather was a US Army Captain in France in World War I. Paul’s own father was a Marine Corps infantry officer, he had uncles in the Army and Air Force, cousins in the Army and Navy, and his brother also became a Marine Corps officer.

Due to his family’s rich military history, and a sense of duty Paul enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2005 and became a Cryptological Spanish Linguist, working with foreign languages and intelligence information. Paul was assigned duties in California, Texas, Virginia, and Maryland. He served on one deployment to Taji, Iraq from 2008 to 2009, and discharged honorably in 2010. During his time of service Paul began to question the methods, policies, and strategies employed at the highest levels of government as it pertains to war. He began to realize that the US is not exercising best practices when it comes to warfare, and developed a strong desire to seek change.

In 2010 Paul married Chérie Blaylock, and took a job as a civilian intelligence analyst in the Washington DC Metro area. They returned in to Texas in 2014, and now reside in Richardson with their son and daughter.

In addition to having family, friends, and a strong affinity for Dallas/Fort-Worth, Paul recognizes the Metroplex as a unique community that offers excellent opportunities for employment, housing, recreation, shopping, and entrepreneurship. Like many Americans, Paul wants better leadership in Washington. This nation was built upon the principles of liberty, personal responsibility, integrity, and accountability. If we are to honor the sacrifice of those who have given their lives for this nation, we must do what it takes to reestablish these values in Washington.

Paul will capitalize upon his military, intelligence, and business experience to make a difference in Washington. For too long we have languished under the unjust practices of pork barreling, bills rammed through at the dead of night, massive entitlements, wasteful programs, disastrous foreign policy, and vast government overreach. With your support we will win in 2020 and take the fight to Washington.



Paul also ran for US Congress in District 32 in the Republican Primary in 2016 and 2018. Despite the loss, he is committed to serving his fellow Texans, and will continue to fight for liberty, personal responsibility, integrity, and accountability.