Call to Action: The Human Life Amendment

In 1973 the Supreme Court effectively legalized abortion in the United States. That was the beginning of the deadliest genocide in history, in which an estimated 60 million defenseless babies have been brutally murdered.

This genocide is ongoing. It happens where we live, and it happens legally. If you knew someone was murdering children in the building across the street from you, what would you do? It’s not a hypothetical because it is happening right now.

Since 1973 there have been a number of initiatives in Congress to push a Human Life Amendment: An amendment that would define human life as beginning at conception, and ensure protection of that life. None have been successful, but the one that came close was the Hatch-Eagleton Amendment in 1983, the only Human Life Amendment to make it to a formal floor vote.

Virtually all Republicans in Congress claim to be “pro life,” but with a Republican House, Senate, and Presidency, where is the major push for a new Human Life Amendment? For years the focus for national pro life policy has been the Supreme Court. If we just keep voting for Republican presidents, they promise us, we can keep appointing Republicans to the Supreme Court, and eventually we’ll get Roe v. Wade overturned! But 6 out of the 7 Supreme Court Justices who voted in favor of abortion were appointed by Republican Presidents.

It is abundantly clear that we should be doing more than relying solely on the appointment of conservative justices in the Supreme Court to end the scourge of abortion in this country, and there are several clear reasons why:

  1. It has not worked so far, and there is no guarantee that it ever will.
  2. Members of Congress have the power to act (whether they succeed or not may not be in their control, but they can at least try). If they choose not to act, then they are only paying lip service to being “pro life.” Hold them accountable!
  3. Abortion is murder, and we should be doing everything in our power to stop it. If there are options to be considered that we are not currently exploiting, then we are wrong.

The more I consider abortion, the more I am resolved to make this my core issue if I am elected. There are a lot of important issues, but if we can’t stop murdering babies by the millions, then what are we doing?

Our current Congressman, Pete Sessions, calls himself pro life. But I don’t see him pushing for a Human Life Amendment, and he votes for spending bill after spending bill that funds Planned Parenthood at the tune of $500 million per year. Planned Parenthood conducts over 320,000 abortions per year, and show no signs of slowing down.

It’s time for a change.

Vote for me in the 2018 Republican Primary, and I will fight for life.

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