Paul Brown announces candidacy for US House of Representatives in Congressional District 32

Marine Corps veteran Paul Brown officially declared his candidacy on Sunday in the Congressional District 32 Republican Primary election that takes place March 6, 2018. Brown served in intelligence in Operation Iraqi Freedom and then as a civilian at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He resides in Richardson with his wife of eight years, Chérie, and his two-year old son, Joshua. An outspoken, liberty-minded conservative, Brown ran for the same office in 2016.

His motivations for running again have not changed. He was and still is sick and tired of watching Washington insiders make a complete mess of foreign and domestic US policy. The national debt has surpassed $20 trillion, federal spending in 2016 reached $3.9 trillion, taxes are high, Obamacare is still in place, and the US is still engaged in undeclared military conflicts around the world. Yet Congressional leadership seems to be happy with its own performance, as it pats itself on the back since the deficit in 2016 was “only” $587 billion.

In his last bid, Brown personally visited nearly 10,000 houses across the district. He attended nine candidate forums, and appeared on multiple radio and television programs. Ultimately, he spoke to thousands of people, and the one theme he encountered consistently was this: People were ready for new representation in Washington.

The same is true today. Brown is committed to serving his fellow Texans, and the people of the United States. This means giving voters a genuine, conservative option at the ballot box, and strong, transparent representation in Washington.

The Republican Primary is on March 6, 2018. To find out more visit

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